Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Handmade Rings That Are Globally Conscious... And Absolutely Gorgeous

Most of us altruistic types, those who have big visions for a better world, forget that there are ways to participate in this betterment that don't require giving away money, sacrificing a weekend to volunteer on a local project, or making difficult changes in our lifestyles to decrease our carbon footprint. All those actions are commendable and should be practiced by everyone. However, you can help decrease poverty and encourage sustainability around the world by simply buying the right products.

One of our favorite examples of our Fair Trade jewelry are the handmade rings produced by the gifted artisans from Newari, Shakya and Bajracharya clans in Nepal. The rings are made of certified .925 sterling silver, and their exclusive designs are only produced in this region. Rings shown: Twining Turquoise Silver Ring; Silver Ring with Mother of Pearl Stone - Midnight Moon

There are communities of talented artisans in certain parts of the world that traditionally produce jewelry of great quality and craftsmanship, but don't have access to markets that can get them out of extreme poverty. Jewellog works with Fair Trade organizations that reach out to these communities and help them improve their livelihoods by making their trade profitable.

We are especially proud to carry the remarkable Eco-carvings collection of handmade rings. These wooden rings are made entirely of reclaimed (from an FSC, or Forest Stewardship Certified furniture manufacturer), spalted (from already dead trees), or other sustainably harvested wood.

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